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Thursday, 25 October 2007

Wed 24th Oct 2007 - Mundsley Bog Godshill.

This week can be best summed up by the statement " Back to the Bog"...... Mundsley Bog at Godshill to be exact...! We were here a couple of weeks ago (see the blog dated 9th Oct) and returned to continue clearing the overgrown areas. Good progress was made at clearing the areas to the north and south of the raised footpath that runs through here, hopefully the water plants will now start to establish themselves once again. The area to the north of the carpark was also cleared making the "kurb appeal" of the place look much nicer.
Green Gym members we spoiled with having an internal venue for our coffee break (the Scout Hut) and Jeff did us proud by bringing along loads of home made cake....... It was great..many thanks Jeff (and to your good lady wife who made it)
Although it was half term (so no St George's this week) the meeting was well attended and we even had visitors from the mainland. The weather was kind to us - in fact it was excellent considering that we are getting towards the end of October. Fingers crossed for the rest of the winter.
Carrie supplied the a big thank you to her.

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