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Wednesday 28 June 2023

Wed 28th June 2023 - Pelham Woods, St Lawrence. GG # 940.

 Terry's Photographs.

Geoff's Editorial.

Today we met at Pelham wood on the undercliff at St Lawrence. This was a new site for almost everyone apart from a few very long serving members like me.

This is a beautiful area of mixed deciduous woodland which must be a home to varied wildlife. The main task was to carefully clear a dense carpet of ivy covering the old stone wall bordering the site. There were also steps to clear which formed part of the pilgrim trail which linked St Lawrence Well (just across the road) to Whitwell. There was a good turnout as any new site is a challenge to our members.

Many thanks to Geoff for the words and Terry for the photographs 👏.

Wednesday 21 June 2023

Wed 21st June 2023 - Newclose Cricket Ground, Shide. GG # 939.

 Terry's Photographs.

This week the GG campaign to try and eradicate pesky plants from the IoW continued with work on the stream bordering the Newport Cricket Ground. As can be seen from the photographs above... the prolonged hot spell hasn't reduced the height or number of Himalayan plants - unfortunately..! 

Geoff's Editorial.

We all met up at Newclose cricket ground not to apply willow to leather but to attack Himalayan balsam in the adjoining woodland.

We faced an impenetrable jungle of nettles and bramble but Green Gymers hacked their way in to find the swathes of balsam, some up to two metres tall.

There were soon large piles of uprooted plants left to rot. The plants were just coming into flower so we will have prevented them providing seed for next years growth. There was good attendance on a pleasantly warm morning.

Many thanks to Geoff for the editorial and Terry for the excellent photographs.

Wednesday 14 June 2023

Wed 14th June 2023 - Blackwater Stream. GG # 938.

 Terry's Photographs.

Green Gym now returns to it's traditional summer task of Pesky Plant Pulling (PPP), this week it was the turn of the Himalayan Balsam along the sides of the stream at Blackwater. As can be seen from Terry's excellent photographs above, there is no shortage of HB to pull...! Never an easy task but this week it was made even more difficult by temperatures around 30C and only a light breeze. Well done to the members of Team GG who braved the nettles and the sun 👏.

Wednesday 7 June 2023

Wed 7th Jun 2023 - Bodster Equine, Sandford. GG # 937.

 Terry's Photographs.

It's that time of the year when Team GG goes back to "hunt the ragwort" ...particularly important when there are horses in the fields! A beautiful sunny day and judging by the final photo...a job well done 👏.

Many thanks to Terry for taking the photographs.