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Wednesday 29 September 2021

Wed 29th Sept 2021 - View Point Car Park, Blackgang. GG # 854.

The view that greeted us as we parked-up today.

Getting our instructions.

Clearing the central area of undergrowth and litter.

The tea break chat.

One "dead hedge" barrier. 

This week we had somewhere completely new to work at, a recently cleared area off the original car park at Blackgang. This is an SSSI area ( sssi-definition ) and will eventually become a picnic site. We were instructed to construct a dead hedge boundary using only materials from the immediate surrounding area, fortunately, there was both sycamore and hazel shrubs nearby so we were able to coppice them. Other tasks included wheel-barrowing gravel around the rather muddy area and cutting back areas of undergrowth. Our numbers were down a little on previous weeks but perhaps people were saving petrol?(in light of the recent fuel shortage). It was a glorious sunny day with a rather stiff breeze blowing.

Mark did mention that next week we will be trying to "mop up" the very last of the Himalayan Balsam in the area adjacent to Birchmore Pond.

Historical Note.

During the session, Alex mentioned that he thought the area we were working on was originally a golf course..! Pleased see attached photos that he has sent on to substantiate his claim.

The original Blackgang Chine is the white building, the building to the
left is the golf club house.

Showing some of the 9 hole course greens
(where we were working today?)

Perhaps the old club house forms part of the modern day
house still adjacent to our work site?

Thanks for sending it in Alex 👍.


Wednesday 22 September 2021

Wed 22nd Sept 2021 - The Riverside Centre, Newport. GG # 853.

 Terry's Photographs.

The pre-session brief.

Plenty to be getting on with.

One neatly trimmed hedge.

Yes, there is a pathway under there...somewhere..!

During the tea break (below) this white tailed eagle
decided to thermal above us..!

"Short back and sides sir..?"

All cleared and ready for action.

As is often the case recently, our GG session wasn't exactly where we had expected to go but working at the Riverside Centre is always welcome, so no disappointment for the dozen or so GGmers who attended. Apparently the staff are taking a break from their Covid 19 vaccination duties so that gave us "access to all areas" for something of an end of season make-over. With part of the team concentrating on the numerous flower beds around the site, the others worked hard to rid the block paver pathways of weeds and moss so they won't be hazardous when the vaccinations restart. The weather was glorious for late September with just a few clouds in the clear blue sky, perfect weather to be working outdoors 👍.

Mark did mention, at tea break, that we might be working at Blackgang view point car park next week but that still needs confirmation.... so watch your e-mail in tray.

Many thanks to Terry for his photographs.

Nothing to do with GG but whilst taking some photos of the Red Arrows flying display over the Festival, I happened to snap this one.....

It has to beat Father Christmas coming down your chimney......😂

Wednesday 15 September 2021

Wed 15th Sept 2021 - West Wight Sports and Community Centre, Freshwater. GG # 852.

Terry's Photographs.

A dancing Gizmo.

Oak Eggar moth caterpillar.

 Green Gym has been visiting this venue for many a long year...have a look at this historical link..! 

This time around we were working on the shrubs to the front of the complex and those within the car park area. The plan was to give everything a "short back and sides" making it look both pleasing to the eye and to stop it over-running the parking areas..! With lovely sunny weather and a good attendance, excellent progress was made which I think you will agree is shown in the photographs above.

Mark mentioned that there are two possibilities for next week's event... Blackgang Chine view point car park or a pond in East Cowes. He will be informing us all by e-mail once the decision has been made.

Many thanks to Terry for the photographs.

Wednesday 8 September 2021

Wed 8th Sept 2021 - Brading Down. GG # 851.

Hard at work, spread far and wide....

This was after just ONE hour of pulling..!

"Lights, Camera...ACTION." Utility Film Crew in action.

Nature Notes.

 If you have a fear of spiders then look away NOW...!

Wasp spider. ( See link  wasp-spider)

Weld. (See link.  Weld.htm)

Due to a misunderstanding as to EXACTLY where Car Park Number One is on Brading Downs, the team were somewhat scattered come the 10 am start 😀. Eventually we all managed to meet up at the same place and found Mark with the van & trailer. It is late in the season for pulling Ragwort and, as much of it was turning to seed, care had to be taken to bag it thereby reducing the risk of spreading the seeds even further. As can be seen from the photographs above, it was a gloriously sunny day with just enough breeze to keep the temperature comfortable for working.

Something a little different this week.....we had a film crew (well, a "crew" of two!) recording our exploits. Utility Films, a Ventnor based filmmaker, filmed us  for a documentary they are making on positive (not in a Covid sense) Island stories. All very exciting 👏. 

Wednesday 1 September 2021

Wed 1st Sept 2021 - Millennium Green, Ryde. GG # 850.

 Terry's Photographs.

This week we (finally..!) had a change from Pulling Pesky Plants (PPP). It was lovely to return to the Millennium Green site, a place we have worked at many times in past years. Nice to see that the area has been well looked after in our absence but there were still a few jobs for us to be getting on with. As can been seen from the photographs above, a vide variety of jobs were undertaken including...drainage & ditching, pathway resurfacing, raking up grass and trimming back summer growth along the pathways. We are hoping to return here in the not to distant future for end of season work up at the butterfly meadow area. The weather was warm but overcast, just right for getting on with some hard work..!

Next week we are back to PPP, this time it will be ragwort from up on Brading Down. Mark has told us to meet in car park #1 - which is the first one on your right coming along from Ashey Sea Mark.

Many thanks to Terry for taking the photographs this week.