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Wednesday 26 April 2023

Wed 26th April 2023 - County Showground, Newport. GG # 931.

Once again, Mark has managed to come up with a new venue for us.... can't be many places left that we haven't worked at..! The work involved "processing" piles of pre coppiced hazel into stakes and binders for repairing the hazel maze at Golden Hill Fort. Those who didn't read Mark's email about wearing wellies soon found they had wet feet as the area we were working in was very boggy 😏. The weather remained dry but overcast and still rather cool considering we are now in late April. There was good attendance so 'well done' to all those who made it along 👏.

Apologies for the limited photos this week, our resident photographer wasn't available.


Wednesday 19 April 2023

Wed 19th April 2023 - All Saints Church, Freshwater. GG # 930.

 Terry's Photographs.

 This week is was back out to West Wight, All Saints Church at Freshwater. As can be seen from the photographs, the weather was much improved over that of previous weeks 👍.

Alison's Editorial.

 We were asked to clear away bramble which had taken over an area that had got a bit beyond the control of the monthly group that maintains the churchyard.  The arisings went onto a bonfire.  A flowering cherry tree was planted in memory of Carole Walker.  Her husband Neil was there and helped to plant the tree.  He also funded our session.

Many thanks to the church helpers for supplying the tea, coffee and refreshments  -  Terry for taking the photographs and Alison for the editorial.

Wednesday 12 April 2023

Wed 12th April 2023 - Moor Green Road, Cowes. GG # 929.

 Terry's Photographs.

Cherry Blossom.

With a weather warning out for gale force winds and frequent heavy rain showers forecasted,  it was lucky that the session went as well as it did..! This time the work was concentrated on building up the paths that were constructed previously and repairs to a section of fencing. 

Many thanks to Terry for his excellent photographs.

Wednesday 5 April 2023

Wed 5th April 2023 - Fort Victoria, Yarmouth. GG # 928.

 Terry's Photographs.

Mark's Photographs.

Geoff's Editorial.

There were numerous tasks along the woodland trail which stretches the full length of Fort Victoria on the higher ground with a number of view points looking across the Solent and the West Wight. These tasks included widening the footpath, cutting up parts of fallen trees and restoring a broken path edge.

It is expected that next Wednesday's session will be at Moor Green Road, Cowes.

Many thanks to Terry & Mark for taking the photographs and to Geoff for the editorial.