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Wednesday 26 June 2024

Wed 25th June 2024 - Stone Farm, Blackwater. GG # 987.

 Terry's Photograph

Alison's Editorial.

We are now firmly back in the HB pulling season and this week we were at Stone Farm in Blackwater to continue this task.  Conditions were testing as not only was it a boiling hot day, but the vegetation was very dense and high.  HB was plentiful, but it was a challenge to get to it.  Due to the high temperature the session ended slightly earlier than usual.  Following the session the AGM was held at PC's Cafe, Watergate Road.

Next week's session is expected to be on Brading Down.  However, this is yet to be confirmed so please keep an eye on your emails.

Many thanks to Alison for her editorial and Terry for the photographs. 👍 

Wednesday 19 June 2024

Wed 19th June 2024 - Naturezones, Blackwater. GG # 986.

 Terry's Photographs.

Many thanks to Terry for the excellent photographs.

Wednesday 12 June 2024

Wed 12th June 2024 - Newclose Cricket Ground, Newport. GG # 985.

 Terry's Photographs.

Alison's Editorial.

This week we were at Newclose Cricket Ground with an old favourite - Himalayan balsam pulling. We’ve been visiting this site for a few years now and there’s still plenty to keep us busy. In the main, the HB is not in flower yet so it’s harder to find. However, we did find quite a few healthy stands of it, some quite mature plants. After tea break a small group dug up dock which was growing on the sloping bank to the side of the cricket pitch. The bank has been left uncut this year and the flowers and grasses are doing well, but dock is just too invasive. Refreshments were kindly supplied by the cricket club.

Many thanks to Alison for the text and Terry for the photographs.

Wednesday 5 June 2024

Wed 5th June 2024 - The Riverside, Newport. GG # 984.

 Terry's Photographs.

Alison's Editorial.

This week we were at the Riverside Centre, Newport.  We were requested to work on an area new to us - the east side of Quay House where there was an overgrown area.  The front of the area is used for parking a couple of cars, but the back of the area was overgrown and could be utilised.  The team set-to and cleared the area; the fence line was also improved. A smaller group of GG-ers worked at the front of the Riverside Centre, clearing weeds from the bed and cutting back overgrown shrubs.  As you can see from the photos, in total 3 large bags of waste were generated.  Refreshments were kindly provided by the Riverside Centre and extra cakes provided by Terry.  A good session with a lot of work accomplished.

Many thanks to Alison for the editorial and Terry for the photographs.