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Wednesday 28 September 2022

Wed 28th Sept 2022 - The Community Orchard, Sandown. GG # 903.

 Terry's Photographs.

Once again Team GG have done an amazing job giving this whole area a good tidy up, well done everyone 👏.

Many thanks to Terry for the excellent photographs.

Wednesday 21 September 2022

Wed 21st Sept 2022 - Riverside Centre, Newport. GG # 902.

 Terry's Photographs.

Well, it certainly looks as though everyone had a busy session at Riverside and that the weather was a vast improvement over last week 👏. The last photograph above isn't psychedelic, just Terry experimenting with his camera by using reflections from the van 😀.

many thanks to Terry for the photographs this week.

Wednesday 14 September 2022

Wed 14th Sept - Blackwater Stream. GG # 901.

 Terry's Photographs.

This session was all about clearing up the late season Himalayan Balsam alongside the stream adjacent to Birchmore Pond at Blackwater. Unfortunately, the weather was somewhat "damp" hence the rather heavy duty waterproof clothing..! Well done everyone who managed to attend 👏.
Many thanks to Terry for taking the above photos.

Wednesday 7 September 2022

Wed 7th Sept 2022. Appley Park, Ryde. GG # 900....!

Terry's Photographs. 

A Message From Mark.

Hi Everyone,

It's another milestone ... incredibly we've done 900 IW Green Sessions.  That's physical, outdoor sessions, not including the near 50 virtual meets on Zoom which kept us ticking over during the various Covid lockdowns. Those months on Zoom are also why we'll not make it to 1000 sessions for the 20 year anniversary which will roll around next year!  But we will enjoy celebrating 900, of course there will be cake involved. Geoff's talented wife Gwen is making us a cake. 👍☺🍰

Well, that explains the photo of the wonderful (VERY yummy) cake and the anomaly in the Green Gym numbering system. This session was held in showery conditions but an amazing amount of raking off was achieved, well done everyone.

Next week we will be back to pulling Himalayan Balsam from alongside the stream and cycle-path adjacent to Birchmore Pond at Blackwater.

Many thanks to Terry for the photographs and to Gwen for the beautiful anniversary cake 👍.