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Wednesday 25 September 2019

Wed 25th Sept 2019 - Sandown Railway Station. GG # 803.

Terry's Photographs.

Mark's Photographs (and a note from him..!)

A rather overgrown area greeted us....

The new plants arrive.

BEFORE ...shown above..
and AFTER... shown below
what a difference..!

Mark's note.

We were working with the  Isle of Wight Community Rail Partnership to brighten and enhance for wildlife the approach ramp from Perowne Way. Thanks to their visionary remit to be bee friendly we were able to select plants such as Thyme,  Hyssop and Broom which will provide wonderful nectar for them next year, as well as being lovely to look at we hope. 

Bob's Blog.

I have just realised that we have just had two concurrent GG sessions at railway stations....but this week's one actually has trains...! Although we have worked here, on both sides of the line, many times...this week had something new for Green Gym. Rather than me trying to explain it, I will cut and paste from the instructions that Mark sent out before the event.

" This Wednesday we have what could be a new type of horticultural project for the group. As, whist in the past we have done plenty of planting of course, this week it is our group which have done the ordering and planning. So at home I've what amounts to half a nursery of plants which we hope to plant in Sandown at the station. The brief was to create something good for insects so they are all nectar rich or have a benefit to wildlife."

With weather warnings for both wind and rain still in force, it was with some trepidation that many of us set out to attend this session. There was much car park discussion as to wear full protective clothing or to take a chance...the balance came down about 50/50 (now known as "Brexit odds" 😏)
There were a couple of minor issues that needed sorting, including late delivery of the compost material and getting access to the dump area, but work was soon underway....starting with the weeding and trimming back on the raised flower beds on the up side of the track. Mark was running around doing his Alan Titchmarsh impersonation as he carefully placed the new plants for us to dig them in. Apparently there is science in gardening...not just put plants in and hoping for the best..the method I have used all my life..! 
The rain did drizzle on us a couple of times so neither side won on the choice of clothing issue. 😀

Many thanks to both Terry and Mark for their contribution to the blog this week.

And...finally...we get a mention in the following link to the Millennium Green.

Wednesday 18 September 2019

Wed 18th Sept 2019. Merstone Station, Merstone. GG # 802.

Terry's Photographs.(a bonus bundle this week..!)

The first few photographs give you a hint as to where we were working...

Some of the new facilities.

Time for tea.

The (now extensive) composting pile.

A job well done... heading off for a well earned lunch..!

Most of Team GG for this Wednesday morning.

Nature Corner.

Great Bush Cricket.


Small Copper Butterfly.

The instruction for this week's Green Gym were incredibly simple..."Rake-up all the cut grass you can find"....! Fortunately, the weather recently has been dry and sunny so the grass and weeds, that had been cut previously, was much easier to rake into piles prior to being transported to the composting area on the site. This was a particularly well attended session and  we had to expand the usual car parking area to get everyone a place to park. Having such balmy weather in mid September obviously encouraged everyone to get out and about 👏. This area is extensively used by the public for everything from dog walking through to horse riding and the recent addition of information boards, picnic seating and a BBQ range will hopefully encourage even more. The maintenance work that Team GG do here each year contributes to the meadow flowers growing on the old platform area and between the many fruit trees that are planted in the orchard area.

Many thanks indeed to Terry for the excellent array of photographs this week.