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Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Wed 4th Sept 2019 - The Riverside, Newport. GG # 800.

Terry's Photographs.

"Danger - men at work"

Giving the car park areas a haircut / makeover.

Meanwhile...around at the river side of the building....

The wonderfully yummy celebration cake.

Cake eaters...ready to pounce.

A knife seemed a better option than a trowel.

After tea break - the work continues.

Lots of "bag and drag".

The final tidy-up.

Phil's Photograph.

Today, the IoW GG reached yet another milestone, this time it was our 800th session...! With the overnight rain clearing away, we met up at the Riverside and were given a WIDE range of tasks....which covered the majority of the garden areas and car parks around the building..! The summer growth had done it's best to undo all the good work that we achieved on our previous visits here....with the brambles being particularly invasive. As with many of the sites we visit, the cutting down is the simple is the bagging up and transporting to the composting / dump area that takes the time and energy. This was no different with everything having to be hauled to the eastern boundary of the upper car park...which is a long way from the other areas...! Tea break was enhanced with the addition of a lovely cake - (see Mark "doing the honours" in the photos above). This was a well attended session and it looked as though the majority of the selected jobs were completed...well done everyone 👍😀.

Thanks to Terry and Phil for the photographs...and I believe it is thanks to Sue for arranging the cake for us. 🎂

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