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Wednesday 31 August 2022

Wed 31st Aug 2022 - Brading Down. GG # 899.

 Terry's Photographs.

 Female Chalkhill Blue butterfly. 

Editorial will be added when it arrives.

Looking at the GG # at the top of this page, next week should be our 900th GG session...! There is a rumour that it may be held at Appley Park and...... there might even be CAKE....πŸ˜‹.

Thursday 25 August 2022

Wed 24th Aug 2022 - St Mary's RC Primary School, Ryde. GG # 898.

Mark's Photographs.

We took apart the rotting old raised bed and platform area. I feel it was a good 15 years old. The air was still and humidity high but at least we had some good shade from the trees there. We made great progress and look forward to returning at half term hopefully for part 2. πŸ‘ 

Many thanks to the staff for making the refreshments at tea break.

Mark did hint that the next GG session may be at Brading Down, watch your emails for conformation. 

Some historical blog links for previous GG sessions at the school.

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Oct 2018 a big pond clearance!

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Thursday 18 August 2022

Wed 17th Aug 2022 - Newclose Cricket Ground, Shide. GG # 897.

 Unfortunately, at the time of writing this blog page I have neither photographs or editorial for this sessionπŸ˜•. If anyone who attended has photographs or a description of the work carried out please could they forward it to me for inclusion.

I image it was a continuation of the work done last week, pulling even more Himalayan Balsam from down by the stream. I hope everyone managed to dodge the very welcome rain showers, the first real rain we have had in almost two months..!

Wednesday 10 August 2022

Wed 10th Aug 2022 - Newclose Cricket Ground, Shide. GG # 896.

Terry's Photographs. 

This week, team GG were back to battling Himalayan Balsam along the banks of the stream adjacent to Newclose Cricket Ground. As can be seen from the photographs above, there was plenty there to pull...! Well done to all those who attended the session in the considerable heat of the day. 

Many thanks to Terry for taking the photographs.

Wednesday 3 August 2022

Wed 3rd Aug 2022 - Moorgreen Road Woodlands, Cowes. GG # 895.


Some of the litter picked up.

Mark's Photographs.

This week, Green Gym returned to the Moorgreen Woodland site in Cowes to continue with the work started earlier this year. Additional steps were added to the sloping areas, allowing easier access around the woodland walk pathway and boundary fencing repaired. Although the numbers of GGmers attending was somewhat less than normal, excellent progress was made in the warm, salutary, conditions. 
Many thanks to the volunteers from the adjacent church who made tea and coffee for the tea break πŸ‘.

Thanks to Mark for his photographic contribution.