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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Wed 15th Aug 2008 - St Mary's RC Primary School, Ryde.

This week’s site was a new venue for the Green Gym, at St Mary’s RC Primary School in Ryde, which has encouraged wildlife into the grounds for some years. Our tasks were to tidy up their woodland area by cutting back overhanging trees, clearing brambles and nettles, then clearing vegetation from their pond and its surroundings. We also found an amazing wooden sculpture of a bush cricket situated in one of the old oak trees present in the woodland which are probably over 150 years old, together with some interesting bracket fungi.

The fungi is Polyporus Versicolor, common name “Turkey Tails” normally found in rows or overlapping shelves on stumps and logs of hardwoods from Autumn to Spring. The fruiting body is up to 10cm broad, bracket to shelf-like or fan-shaped, with thin, white, tough and fibrous flesh having a white to pale yellow layer of very small tubes, with the tube mouths more or less round.
Many thanks to Carrie for the pictures and editorial.

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