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Sunday 27 May 2007

Wed 23rd May 2007 - Hasley Manor.

The above photographs and the following text is as reported by Carrie.
This was our second visit to Hasley Manor and there were several jobs on the list. A track had deep ruts which needed filling in so the area was smooth enough to grass over. One of the many ponds needed blocking off and a trench dug so fish could not enter and eat the dragonfly lava. There were trees to cut back and tidy and an area of reed bed that needed attention. The geese had gotten into it and had eaten all the fledgling reeds that had just poked their heads above the water. Wire was stretched around the posts to support chicken wire - hopefully this will keep the geese out and allow the reeds to regenerate. It was was glorious, hot day with carp feeding in the pond, numerous iridescent blue mayflies zipping around and a stunning emperor dragonfly (not normally seen at this time of the year). The photographs show the carp pond and the reed bed.

Wed 16th May 2007 - York Avenue @ East Cowes.

Carrie didn't send me any text with this report (at least, I can't find any....!) so hope the above photographs tell the tale. It looks as though there was plenty of rocks in the ground they have prepared ready for the planting of drought tolerent plants - to be done on Wednesday 6th June.

Note from the Bob the Blog...!

The ones of you who follow this blog site avidly will have noticed that the weekly updates have been few and far between over the past month or so. I have been very busy and unable to get along to the Wednesday morning "bashes" - so unable to comment on the work completed. Carrie has taken some photographs of a couple of the projects undertaken recently so I will publish the info she has sent me so far. If anyone would like to contribute text or pictures then please let me have them and I will endeavour to get them on the Blog as soon as I can after receiving them. Best wishes to all...... and I hope to be back bashing the brambles soon....!

Bob the Blog.