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Friday 27 July 2007

Wed 25th July 2007 - Alverstone

Unfortunately we were unable to do the planned task, which was hay baling, as the water table is so high - stopping any machinery getting into the field. However, all was not lost and the group turned to clearing bracken and ragwort from two fields instead. The trees that we had planted previously around the field edges (guelder rose, blackthorn and hawthorn) are doing very well so time was taken to clear the weeds etc from around them and give them space to grow further. There were an amazing number of butterflies about in the fields and even a banded damoiselle was spotted! These are one of the UK's most striking damselflies and are a most beautiful electric blue colour.
The editorial and photographs were supplied by Carrie - excellent before and after shots of the new hedge line. I have included the picture of the damselfly even though it isn't perhaps the clearest shot........Carrie's words.....not mine....!

Friday 20 July 2007

Wed 18th July 2007 - Kitbridge Farm.

The Green Gym session this week was at Kitbridge Farm - on the outskirts of Newport. We have been here many times before and the task was to continue the work we have been doing on reclaiming old ponds. The site was to the east side of the farm - down by the pumping station and the job was to clear a VERY overgrown area around a dried up pond. A considerable area of undergrowth and bushes were cut back to let the daylight in and to give access to the JCB digger that will dig out the silt.
The other picture this week is what all this pond work is about (well - the main reason...!). This is a great crested newt - the one shown is named Edith and is around 10 years of age. Mark (the farm owner) breeds this type of endanged newt in captivity and then releases them back into the wild to ensure that they do not die out.
The stream to the south of this site originally formed part of the Albany Army Camp and where the pumping station is now sited was the blacksmith's forge. The stream was dammed to form a pool - allowing the horse riders to wash the horses hooves and legs prior to being reshod.
Every day is a school day at the Green Gym......!
Many thanks to Carrie for the pics.

Thursday 12 July 2007

Wed 11th July 2007 - Bouldner Viewpoint

This week we were helping the Rangers with a few tasks at the Bouldnor Viewpoint picnic site - and again the sun shone on the rightous Green Gymers..! The pathway and steps leading down to the sea frontage badly needed cutting back as they had not been done for some time. The picnic areas with tables fronting the sea also needed attention to clear them of growth - they also had become very overgrown. Once the pathways and steps were cleared.....guess what.....limestones chippings were to be put down - but only ONE ton this time..!
Thanks to Carrie for the editorial and the excellent "before and after" phots shown above.

Tuesday 3 July 2007

Wed 27th June 2007 - Love Lane Primary School.

This week we were at Love Lane Primary School in Cowes where the weather was sunny with only short, light, shower. There were a couple of jobs to be tackled - cutting "hidey" holes in a large patch of hebe so the children can enjoy playing in it and the larger task of working on a raised wooded area to the rear of the playing field. This area contains lots of our native trees (such as hazel) in which a sort of outdoor classroom was constructed by flattening the centre and using large logs to make seats. At the entrance to this area, three steps were cut in the slope to allow easier and safer access. The school was delighted with the work completed and kindly provided the workforce with tea and coffee - some even stayed for lunch....!

The photographs were from Hilary and the editorial submitted by Carrie. I HOPE that I have managed to get the right pictures with the text - please let me know if it is wrong.....! Bob the Blog.