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Wednesday 25 May 2022

Wed 25th May 2022 - Medina Riverside Park, Newport. GG 885.

 Terry's Photographs.

I am not exactly certain of the fact...but almost sure that this week we accomplished a GG first - by having  a hydraulic digger to help us...! OK, there was still an awful lot of digging with a spade, loading soil into barrows and wheeling it about... all in true GG spirit 😀. The plan is to build a 1 metre wide pathway around the perimeter of the meadow which will eventually link up with the proposed coastal path that will stretch around both the Island and eventually the whole of England. The bit we are working on should certainly improve accessibility for walkers, people with prams and wheelchairs etc. Good progress was made today but there is still a L..O..N..G way to go. This was a well attended session and although there was "rain in the air" we managed to stay dry.

Next week's venue is still uncertain your e-mail in trays for further information closer to the time.

Many thanks to Terry for the excellent photographs.

Wednesday 18 May 2022

Wed 18th May 2022 - The Riverside. Newport. GG # 884.

 Terry's Photographs.

The pre-session briefing...

Tea break and a team talk.

This week we were back at the Riverside, Newport - continuing with the work we started a couple of months ago. As can be seen from the photographs above, this time we concentrated on the numerous flower (weed?) beds that are scattered around the plot.  This is definitely one of those jobs where we could come many times a year and there would always be more to be done..!!! A nice warm day with enough cloud cover plus a slight breeze making it very enjoyable conditions for working. Always a pleasure to work here especially with the wonderful views down the river.

Mark has various options pencilled in for next week so please keep an eye on your email in-tray for details.

Many thanks to Terry for taking the photographs.

Wednesday 11 May 2022

Wed 11th May 2022 - The Duver, St Helens. GG # 883.

 Terry's Photographs.

Once again it's time for the annual GG litter pick around the St Helens / Priory Bay areas. Hopefully there will be a full editorial sometime later but looking at the photographs there was enough litter to keep everyone busy..! You might notice from the clothing, the recent warm, sunny weather had turned cloudy today....not sure if they got the start of the afternoon rain showers by the end of the session?

Many thanks to Terry for his photographs.

Wednesday 4 May 2022

Wed 4th May 2022 - Moorgreen Road Reservoir, Cowes. GG # 882.

 Terry's Photographs.

"Now...all we have to do is move this from here to THERE..!"


Wallace & Grommet .... The Wrong Trousers..?😂

Half time tea break and half the pile gone.

Well...praying just might help.

What an amazing improvement.

 The caterpillar of a Geometer moth (a looper caterpillar or inchworm).

This week it was back to the Moorgreen Road Reservoir site at Cowes to continue the work started a couple of weeks ago. 

A more detailed editorial will be posted when it arrives.

Many thanks to Terry for the excellent photographs.