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Wednesday 28 February 2007

Wed 28th Feb 2007 - Watcombe Bottom, Ventnor.

This was a new venue for the Green Gymers -who met up at the Ventnor Rugby Club site. It was a short walk to the surrounding hillside where we found that we were tasked with our favourite job.......cut and burn! There was an excellent turnout and the weather was reasonable except for the odd rain squall. Trying to get a fire going - on the hillside in a strong wind - was a challenge but eventually it caught and a large amout of the hill was cleared. There is still an awful lot to go and we expect to be returning to this site at a later date.

IoW Hedgelaying Competition - 2007

The 2007 IoW Hedgelaying competition took place on Saturday 24th Feb, with an amazing turnout of competitors - some 35 compared to the 23 of last year. Considering the previous day's weather forecast was for heavy rain, the gods must have been smiling on us as the day was dry, with blue skies and sunshine - although the wind at the site was a bit sharp! There were some really interesting exhibits in the marquee from local conservation organisations, plus some excellent food and drink. Several teams competed in the novice section, including several from the College and one from the Rangers. Two teams from the Green Gym took part - Team B - Mark, Ron & Kevin were placed a very creditable 5th at their first go and Team A - Carrie, Geoff and James were placed 8th. Paul Sivell and a chap who had travelled down from Tunbridge Wells were the judges - who was apparently a champion hedgelayer. He said his expectations of the day were initially low, but he was extremely impressed with the turnout, especially amongst the young people and the professional organisation of the event. Many people came along to watch and it was great to see so many GG folk providing us with lots of support and tips. Everyone really enjoyed the day, although I expect we all slept very well...! Lots of media were present (including the County Press) so keep an eye on Friday's issue - hopefully Green Gym will get a mention....!!!!!
The above was written by Carrie......the photos from Carrie, Hillary and Colin...many thanks to you all.....

Thursday 22 February 2007

Wed 24th Feb 2007 - Munn's Chalk Pit.

The task this week was back at Munn's Chalk Pit - Brading. This was one of several visits we have had to this site - to clear very neglected undergrowth from the steep sides of the pit. This time we concentrated on the southerly aspect of the slopes....thereby allowing more sun into the bottom of the pit. We are really starting to make excellent progress at clearing this site and - once spring comes along - we should start to see the rewards for all our efforts. Once again the weather was kind to us - dry and still unseasonable warm.

Tuesday 20 February 2007

Sat and Sun 17th/18th Feb 2007 - Willow Course.

Around 15 Green Gym members made it along to the Botanical Gardens at Ventnor for this two day course. Elaine, Ganesh and Mirabel made it a very enjoyable and informative two days for us all....many thanks to them. The course was basically split into two parts....willow weaving in the classroom and the contruction of a living willow dome down in the childrens play area. At the close of play on Sunday, we all went home clutching various projects (including shooting stars, bird feeders, fish, snails etc etc) and were happy in the knowledge that the dome construction had been completed. This was an excellent course and I would like to say a big thankyou to all those who put so much effort into making it all possible....!! Please can we have a basket and hurdle one next year...?

Wed 14th Feb 2007 - Merstone Old Railway Station

The main task was to plant a wide variety of wild plants on the old platform and surrounding areas. Sorry not much detail but I was unable to make this one....! Anyone like to send me in further etc...?

Friday 9 February 2007

Wed 7th Feb 2007 - Golden Hill Fort

The task this week was to try and clear the footpaths of the fallen trees - brought down by the high winds of a few weeks ago. The meeting was very well attended and although a cold start, a roaring fire and hard graft soon got colour into our cheeks....! Excellent progress was made on the paths to the south of this site - so the dog walkers should soon be able to use their favourite routes once again. Ron's two labs were in attendance - and were particularly attentive when the biscuits appeared at coffee time - see photograph above..!
This weeks phots are courtesy of Carrie and Hilary......many thanks to you both.

Winkle Street Hedge Laying - Tuesday 6th Feb 2007

This was the Green Gym's third visit to Winkle Street, and it was a glorious, crisp sunny day with wall to wall blue skies. The work is well advanced, with all the hazel along the side of the stream to the right of the gateway (if you have your back to the houses) neatly coppiced and the hedge laying on this side is looking good. Pleaching of the last remaining trees to the left of the gateway was quite a challenge due to their size and it took over two hours to finally get them laid into the remaining gap...! This side now requires staking and heathering and once completed it is intended that an interpretation board will be provided detailing the history of Winkle Street.

Once again....thanks to Carrie for the text and pictures....!

Thursday 1 February 2007

Thur 25th Jan 2007 - Winkle Street

Members of the Green Gym made a second visit to Winkle Street on 25th January, together with the Ranger Service and volunteers from the Hampshire and IW Trust. The weather was pretty kind to us, as working lower down the hill kept us out of the worst of the strong winds. There was one short, sharp shower which made the working area muddy, so avoiding ending up in the stream became a bit of a challange...! We worked in two groups, one continuing the hedgelaying (started on our previous visit), while the other cleared the area on the other side of the gateway and also planted new trees. It is all coming along very nicely - as can be seen from the pictures above. The sheep on the hill made a very appreciative audience...!

This text and the photographs above are courtesy of Carrie......Many thanks...!!!!