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Wednesday 27 March 2024

Wed 27th March 2024 - Fort Victoria, Yarmouth (Part 1).GG # 974.

 Terry's Photographs.

Alison's Editorial.

This morning we were at Fort Victoria, Yarmouth.  A tree had fallen across one of the paths so we were asked to cut it back.  Further along the path there was an area of overgrown hazel coppice and willow.  Both hazel and willow were cut back and stacked.  This particular path is being used more than usual as part of the coastal path has fallen away.  At another site ivy was cleared.  Conditions underfoot were muddy!  The rain did eventually stop and by the time the session ended it was beginning to brighten up.

It is expected that we will be at Fort Victoria again next week - look out for the confirming email.

Many thanks to Alison and Terry for their contribution to this week's blog 👏.

Wednesday 20 March 2024

Wed 20th March 2024 - RSPCA Bohemia Corner, Godshill. GG # 973.

 Terry's Photographs.

Alison's Editorial.

This week we were at the RSPCA, Bohemia Corner on a lovely spring day.  We were asked to plant a considerable number of whips along one of their boundaries and to fill in a gap in an existing hedgerow which borders the dog walking track.  A few of the whips (cherry and crab apple) were planted at the entrance to the centre and should make a lovely show of blossom in years to come.  As a bonus the ground was soft enough to work with easily.  The staff kindly gave us the use of their kitchen facilities and the staff room at break.

Many thanks to Terry for the photographs and Alison for her editorial.

Wednesday 13 March 2024

Wed 13th March 2024 - Flowers Brook, Ventnor. GG # 972,

 Terry's Photographs.

Alison's Editorial.

This week we were at Flowers Brook, Ventnor - always a popular venue.  We were working with the Ventnor Enhancement Fund team to help maintain the brook and the pool at the bottom.  A lot of sedge had grown up around the edge of the pool and needed to be removed.  This was heavy work with mattocks.  Elsewhere, bramble was cut back and the site tidied.  A litter pick was also undertaken.

Many thanks to Alison and Terry for making this week's blog possible.👏

Wednesday 6 March 2024

Wed 6th March 2024 - Old School Meadows, Gurnard. GG # 971.

 Terry's Photographs.

Alison's Editorial.

Today we were working with Gurnard Parish Council helping with the upkeep of Old School Meadow (formerly Cockleton Meadow) in Gurnard.  We were last there in September 2018!  

We were given quite a list of jobs to get on with over two areas.  The pond area had the usual suspects, bramble and buddleia, cut back.  Some whips of willow, hazel and crab apple plus foxglove and bluebells were planted towards the back of the pond area and various items of rubbish removed.  In the orchard area the beds were dug over and then re-covered with weed suppressant.  A variety of plants were put into one of the beds including thornless blackberry and spring bulbs.  A tree stump and 3 holm oaks were removed and the field maple hedge along the boundary between the orchard and the compost area was tidied up.  Whips were also planted along the hedge line next to the road.

All in all a busy session in glorious weather with the added bonus of lemon drizzle cake at break time.  

Many thanks to Alison for the editorial and Terry for the photographs.

Anyone remember visiting this site about 7 years ago, when Gizmo decided to try and run across the nice green grass area.... it was a slime covered pond..! 😀