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Wednesday 29 March 2023

Wed 29th March 2023 - Pan Country Park, Newport. GG # 927.

 Terry's Photographs.

A rather belated Christmas Tree...!

The contents of a geo-cache box (returned to original position).

Unfortunately there were items for the sharps box 😕.

This week's session was at the Pan Country Park, fortunately the early morning rain cleared before 
10am 👍. Lots of tasks undertaken including a comprehensive litter pick - well done everyone. 

Wednesday 22 March 2023

Wed 22nd March 2023 - The Riverside, Newport. GG # 926.

 Terry's Photographs.

Back to an old GG favourite for this week's session, The Riverside at Newport. For as long as I can remember we have been helping to look after the grounds for this important centre in Newport. This time of year we are there to give the place a "Spring Make-over" and.... as per usual, there was plenty of tasks needing our attention..! Unfortunately, the early part of the session coincided with a passing rain shower but things did improve after the tea break. The photographs above show the wide range of work achieved and just how much better things were looking by the close of play, well done everyone.

Many thanks to Terry for the photographs and the staff at the Riverside who supplied us with tea, coffee & refreshments.

Mark did mention that the next GG will be at Pan Meadows but please check your email box closer to the time for confirmation.

Wednesday 15 March 2023

Wed 15th March 2023 - Haseley Manor (Part 2), Arreton. GG # 925.

 Terry's Photographs.

Many thanks to terry for the excellent photographs. Editorial will be added when / if it arrives.

Wednesday 8 March 2023

Wed 8th Mar 2023 - Haseley Manor, Arreton. GG # 924.

 Mark's Photographs and video.

Geoff's Editorial.

Today we were back to Haseley Manor wetlands. These have been created within the flood plain of the Eastern Yar. We were last there in a very rainy spell which made for very soggy working. We were hoping that after a long dry spell the ground would be firmer but after heavy overnight rain it was quite soggy again.

Today's task was the cut down youngish willow and birch growing on the lake side and then create large habitat piles which could be suitable for nesting birds.

There was a good turnout despite the miserable weather and the whole lakeside was cleared.

We return next week presumably to clear another section.

Many thanks to Geoff for the editorial and to Mark for the photographs / video.

Wednesday 1 March 2023

Wed 1st March 2023 - Pig Leg Lane, Ryde. GG # 923.

Terry's Photographs. 

Unfortunately, it seems as though we might not have any editorial this week 😕. Judging by the photographs above, it was a very busy session and it seems that the locals still enjoy dumping rubbish here. Mark mentions that the last time GG was there was Jan 2020...!

Many thanks to Terry for his excellent photographs and well done to all those who made it along 👏.