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Wednesday 25 January 2023

Wed 25th Jan 2023 - Afton Marsh, Freshwater. GG # 918.

 Terry's Photographs.

This session was a continuation of the one held two weeks ago so let's call it "Afton Marsh - Two" 😀.

The task was as before, pruning out all the unwanted trees and shrubs from the reed bed. The stumps are left high off the ground so they can be treated at a later date. The cold spell continues but was mixed with a damp, misty day so not the nicest of working conditions..! Well done to all those who attended.

Many thanks to Terry for taking the photographs.

Wednesday 18 January 2023

Wed 18th Jan 2023 - Worsley Road, Gurnard. GG # 917.

 Terry's Photographs.

Above is the rather detailed plan of the work to be done,
below is what it looked like before we started.

The usual pre-session brief.

Tea and homemade cake...👍

There's always one sleeping on the job!

That's what you call a bay tree root..!

Job done....much tidier..!

A rather unusual task for the team today, roadside planters in Gurnard. As we were working adjacent to a busy road, the area was coned off, warning signs posted and GGmers issued with hi-vis jackets. Some of the shrubs just needed a jolly good prune but we were asked to try and dig out the roots of some rather overgrown bay trees....never an easy task as they tend to have roots that grow wide and deep! Although the weather was in the midst of another cold snap, the sun was out and once everyone got working then the cold was soon forgotten. The last but one photo above shows the trailer full to the top, an indication of just how much was removed. 

Many thanks to Terry for taking the photographs and to the very kind lady who supplied the home made cake for our tea break 👏.

If all goes to plan then next Wednesday will be back out at West Wight.... continuing with the work started last session at Afton Marsh.  

Wednesday 11 January 2023

Wed 11th Jan 2023 - Afton Marsh, Freshwater. GG # 916.

 Terry's Photographs.

Before we start.... a rather belated "Happy New Year" to everyone..!

The first GG session of 2023 was over at West Wight, Afton Marsh. Over the years it has been a constant battle to try and keep this area free of bushes and shrubs so there is always plenty for the team to tackle. Fortunately, the rather wet spell we have been having held off for the morning I am writing this the rain is battering against the window with strong, gusty winds. Well done to all those who attended, hope you managed to burn off those extra few pounds we usually manage to put on over the holidays 😏.

Many thanks to Terry for taking the photographs.