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Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Wed 22nd June 2022 - Merstone Stream, Blackwater. GG # 889.

 Terry's Photographs.

The usual pre-session briefing.

Then off to do battle with the pesky plants.

Even though we haven't had much rain recently,
certain spots were particularly muddy..!

Time for tea and a chat.

Gizmo - listening intently 😀

Back to working in the "jungle"

This time of the year it's Pesky Plant Pulling (PPP) and this week it was the Himalayan Balsam that needed our attention. Having met up adjacent to Birchmoor Pond, it was a short trek down to the cycle track where there was plenty for us to do. As can been seen from the photographs above, pulling the plants can only be done after getting access through the nettles and undergrowth which isn't easy..! It was a gloriously sunny day ( perhaps even a little too hot 🌞) and once again we were a little light on numbers attending. Terry apologises for not taking any photos at the end of the session  of the huge piles of plants pulled, apparently there were "technical issues".

Mark thinks that next Wednesday we will be up on Brading Down to do more PPP, this time it will be Ragwort. Confirmation of this will be via e-mail closer to the time.

A little note from Mark.

Hi Everyone,

Last week's AGM went okay, and we all carry on doing what we can for the group. I'll remind you that we are attending the IW Volunteer Fair on the 3rd July (held at Northwood Park, Cowes.) We'll have a table and stand, giving our leaflets out and answering any questions by prospective volunteers. Please talk to one of the committee if you'd be free to join us for a little bit on the day. 

Many thanks to Terry for the photographs.

Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Wed 15th June 2022 - Newclose Cricket Ground, Shide. GG # 888.

 Terry's Photographs.

What appears to be an aphid munching through HB,
where can we get another 10 billion of them..?😂

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get along to this session but obviously it's that time of the year to start Pulling Pesky Plants... in this case Himalayan Balsam. I will fill the editorial in when something arrives.
The GG AGM was to be held in the clubhouse on completion of the work, hopefully it all went well.

Many thanks to Terry for his excellent photographs.

Wednesday, 8 June 2022

Wed 8th June 2022 - Moorgreen Road Reservoir, Cowes. GG # 887

 Terry's Photographs.

Above and below - our materials for the day.

"Measure twice - cut once".

A barrow jam 😀

Tea break.

And then the heavens opened.

This week was yet another visit to the reservoir in Cowes, to continue with work started previously. This time we were given 3 main tasks, building steps, making up pathways and planting shrubs & plants. Although the session started dry and sunny, just after tea break it poured down with rain hence the change in attire across the photographs above. Good progress was achieved and we even managed to clear the huge pile of wood chippings before the end of the session 👍👏.

Next week we expect to be at the Newclose Cricket Ground, Newport and will be back to pulling (the dreaded 😟) Himalayan Balsam. The GG AGM will be held on completion of the work, Mark will be e-mailing out the details early next week.

Many thanks to Terry for taking the photographs this week.

Wednesday, 1 June 2022

Wed 1st June 2022. - West Wight Community & Sports Centre, Freshwater. GG # 886.

 Terry's Photographs.

This week we went all the way over to West Wight giving the Community & Sports Centre to give the  garden areas a jolly good makeover. Our past visits seem to be paying dividends as the majority of the beds were in reasonable  order but still needing a bit of a trim and a good weeding. The numbers attending were somewhat lower than usual, perhaps the Jubilee bank holiday celebrations has some people travelling away or... was it the astronomical cost of parking there that put people off? Although we had some rather ominous black clouds at various times, the session stayed dry and a remarkable amount was achieved so a big pat on the back to all those who attended... well done..!

Mark did mention that we MIGHT be returning to the Moorgreen Road Reservoir venue next week, keep an eye on your e-mail in tray closer to the time for final details.

Many thanks to Terry for taking the photographs, they certainly have captured the extent of the work achieved.