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Thursday 30 May 2019

Wed 29th May 2019 - Morton Marsh, Sandown GG # 787.

Alison's Photographs.

Mark's Editorial.

Morton Marsh was full of the sounds of Reed Warbler this morning which took me right back to a holiday on the Broads a few years ago, marvelously atmospheric. However it was decidedly dry underfoot today in Sandown due to the lack of a decent rain in recent weeks but nevertheless the reeds were sprouting well. As were the Himalayan Balsam plants in amongst them, these were the target of our efforts today; to pull and pile them, so they can desicate in the sun. The session on HB control, as Bob says 'Pesky Plant Pulling', marks the first of the season ... next week Newchurch for some more!

We were treated with this scene as we left the site.

Alison's Editorial.
Today we were working with Hampshire & IOW Wildlife Trust at Morton Marsh on one of our favourite summer jobs – Himalayan balsam pulling!  As we know HB loves nestling in amongst nettles and today was no exception.  We also had to contend with the old reed stems – just at the right height for a poke in the eye......  At the end of the session a good amount had been pulled and piled up to dry out.  Rain had threatened for most of the morning, but never really came to much and we had a good turnout of hardy GG-mers. 

Many thanks to both Alison and Mark for the photos and editorials...👍

Wednesday 22 May 2019

Wed 22nd May 2019 - Brading Down. GG # 786.

Terry's Photographs.

Editorial will be added when it arrives....😊

Wednesday 15 May 2019

Wed May 15th 2019 - Millennium Green, Ryde. GG # 785.

Terry's Photographs.

 A speckled wood butterfly. 

Ox-eye daisies. As a matter of interest...
this is the flower that appears on the IoW GG logo..!

PLMG has been a site we've returned to year after year and it's been a pleasure to see it evolve and improve for nature over the time. In this season it's all about a having a light touch with the meadow management, there are a lot of wild flowers emerging, so some light bramble management only there. Elsewhere we reinforced the boundary deadhedge by adding some dead wood and we wheel barrowed some chippings around the repair paths where worn.
All in all a successful session, looking forward to seeing it in the summer!

Many thanks to Terry for the photos...and to Mark for the editorial.

Wednesday 8 May 2019

Wed 8th May 20019 - The Riverside, Newport. GG # 784.

Terry's Photographs.

Mark points out the areas that needs our attention.
(It would have been much easier to show is the ones
 that didn't need work!)

The average "flower bed" before we arrived.

Yes - this is still at the Riverside - NOT the Amazon jungle.

This lot was reduced to chest height giving superb views 
of the river Medina.

More weed beds being tackled.

The usual hard work of "bag and drag".

It's starting to look better...

The view to the north...up the Medina.

The final sweep through and tidy-up.

This week we were continuing our campaign against weeds....down at The Riverside in Newport. On our previous visits, we had concentrated on the areas to the east of the buildings...this time it was to the west that had our attention. I think it is very apparent, from Terry's excellent photographs above, that the "flower" beds were in fact weed infested jungles..! Hopefully the majority of the initial work around the building is now complete and we will hopefully be returning soon to keep everything trimmed back and looking good. Fortunately, the over night rain finished with a downpour at around 9:30 and it remained dry throughout the entire session 👍. Once again, the catering staff did us proud by providing us with sausage and bacon rolls plus the usual hot drinks - thank you all very much.

The IoW GG AGM was held at the nearby Bargeman's Rest after the work session was completed.

Thanks for the photos Terry.

Wednesday 1 May 2019

Wed 1st May 2019 - Knighton Down Nature Reserve. GG # 783.

Terry's Photographs.

This is where it was all at on Wednesday morning.

Nice views..but steep slopes..!

Playing at "hunt the pesky plants"

Everything had to be bagged and dragged.

Slopes are good for sitting during tea breaks.

One truck full of pesky plants.

Although we all managed to turn up at the appointed place, there was something of a mix-up as to where we might be working this week. With that resolved, it was off on a bit of a pony trek along the hillside all kitted out with ragwort forks and various other garden implements. Once again, the brief was simple, find young ragwort plants....and exterminate them...! We were soon strung out along the very steep hillside with a fork in one hand and a huge bag dragging behind. Although it was rather overcast, we had a dry session throughout which was a vast improvement on last Wednesday..! As the last photograph above shows, we collected a pick-up truck full of the pesky plants so another job well done.
Many thanks to Terry for taking the photographs this week.