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Thursday, 30 May 2019

Wed 29th May 2019 - Morton Marsh, Sandown GG # 787.

Alison's Photographs.

Mark's Editorial.

Morton Marsh was full of the sounds of Reed Warbler this morning which took me right back to a holiday on the Broads a few years ago, marvelously atmospheric. However it was decidedly dry underfoot today in Sandown due to the lack of a decent rain in recent weeks but nevertheless the reeds were sprouting well. As were the Himalayan Balsam plants in amongst them, these were the target of our efforts today; to pull and pile them, so they can desicate in the sun. The session on HB control, as Bob says 'Pesky Plant Pulling', marks the first of the season ... next week Newchurch for some more!

We were treated with this scene as we left the site.

Alison's Editorial.
Today we were working with Hampshire & IOW Wildlife Trust at Morton Marsh on one of our favourite summer jobs – Himalayan balsam pulling!  As we know HB loves nestling in amongst nettles and today was no exception.  We also had to contend with the old reed stems – just at the right height for a poke in the eye......  At the end of the session a good amount had been pulled and piled up to dry out.  Rain had threatened for most of the morning, but never really came to much and we had a good turnout of hardy GG-mers. 

Many thanks to both Alison and Mark for the photos and editorials...👍

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