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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Wed 23rd April 2008 - Freshwater Community Centre.

With this week's Green Gym falling on St George's Day, you might expect us to have been out slaying the odd dragon - in fact we were taming flower beds in Freshwater. The beds were all around the community centre and in need of some tender loving care. The three main beds (at the front of the building) were de-weeded, dug over to remove roots etc before applying compost and digging it in. This is in preparation for further work when these areas will be planted up with low maintenance plants. The work on the numerous other garden areas incuded trimmed back, weeding, digging over and all the other jobs that every garden needs. It was amazing to see just how many wheelbarrow loads were taken to the composting heaps. The day had started with rain but it cleared before 10 am - so the Green Gym luck continues. The meeting was very well attended and even the County Press paid us a visit - so we might be famous yet again.
We would like to thank the catering staff for laying on the drinks at coffee time and for the superb buffet that was available to those who stayed on for the GG AGM - a meal suitable for St George himself...!
Thanks to Eddie for the photographs this week.

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