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Friday, 2 November 2007

Wed 31st Oct 2007 - Sandown CoE Primary School.

This week saw us at Sandown CoE Primary School, creating a sensory garden for the children and making a dragon....! The area planned for the garden needed a lot of preparation work for which the school had produced a plan. This involved us marking out a circular area (lawn) with an outer area being divided into four. The area designated for the vegetable plot was dug over - as was the area to be planted with bedding plants. A third area was cleared of debris, which included some heavy slabs, this will be covered with bark chippings. The forth area needed to be covered over with a membrane and will be filled with gravel when the purse allows it...!
A couple of earth filled sinks and two enormous tractor tyres (see pics above) were resited along with several pots that were filled with daffodil bulbs and two azalea plants. If all that wasn't enough...... we also put up a bird box and barrowed all the resultant debris into their compost heap. PHEW...!!!!!
Many thanks to Cub Reporter Carrie for both the editorial AND the pics this week. She will be asking for a pay rise soon - perhaps an extra biscuit or two at coffee time?

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