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Friday, 19 October 2007

Wed 17th Oct 2007 - St George's Newport.

St George's at Newport was the Green Gym workplace this week - helping with the wonderful work that they are doing there to improve the school grounds. Our tasks were to cut a new woodland pathway and to construct a grass turfed seat - the same as the ones we have done already at Merstone and Sunny Crest nursery. The jobs were both completed in the time although we will have to return at a later date to remove the seat support boards and to turf the whole thing. The soil needs time to consilidate before the wooden panels are removed. Hopefully we will have a completed picture at a later date.

Thanks to Carrie for the pics - even if she does take a less than flattering shot of your blog master (I am the one showing his rear end!) - nice one Carrie... :-)

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