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Thursday, 4 October 2007

Wed 3rd Oct 2007 - Kitbridge Farm.

The Green Gymers were back at Kitbridge Farm this week....... and as per usual, Mark had PLENTY of work for us! The major task was to try and rediscover the footpath to the south of the farm which has become very overgrown due to many years of neglect. After hacking our way into the brambles and weeds we started to discover fallen trees and needed to use Faithful Fergy to drag them out into the open (see picture above). Now we have removed the trees and larger items, it is hoped to bring in a mechanical flail to cut the remainder back.
The second major task was down at the bridge where we worked during our last visit. The kind local youths had taken the brickwork that we had recovered previously - and thrown it back into the stream....... Many thanks guys...! We cleared the stream....again.....and used the (now damaged) brickwork to make the footpath usable once again.
The new ponds that have been dug recently are already attracting wildlife and one even had a child's scooter in the bottom - so kind of the local kids to put in an artifical reef for us. Needless to say the scooter has been recovered - any offers for a very usable scooter?
Thanks to Carrie for the pics - nice to have you back with us again....!

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