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Friday, 12 October 2007

Wed 9th Oct 2007 - Mundsley Bog Godshill

The Green Gymers assembled at Mundsley Bog Godshill this Wednesday for the Battle of the Bog....! Since our last visit, the whole site had become very overgrown with bracken, brambles and some very well established willow trees. All of the above stop the marshland plants that they are trying to encourage in this area so, the only option is to clear the site. As can been seen from the above "before and after" shots, good progress was made and the area looks a whole lot better after it's haircut. It will need at least another two or three visits to cut back the whole area but it was amazing what progress was made in 3 hours...... well done to all those who attended.
Thanks again to our cub reporter Carrie for the excellent photographs.

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