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Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Wed 31st March 2021 - GG Virtual Session # 040.

As you can see from the photo, only a few of us made it to the Zoom chat this morning.  The conversation, as ever, ranged all over the place.  A couple of us mentioned that we are desperate for a haircut now, and the relaxing of regulations will be very welcome.  Mark has been contacting Nick from Gift to Nature and a few other groups to try and set up sessions as soon as possible.  Litter picks certainly seem to be one option.

Tony has been creative making a willow windbreak in his garden around the back of a bench.  Photos have been requested as from the description it seems to be quite a substantial structure (see photo below).  He has also been having problems with animals digging in his garden and wondered if anyone has a wildlife camera that he could borrow.  There was a suggestion that Bob the Weather had expertise in this area and had been known to obtain a few unusual sightings!

If anyone has been working on inspirational garden projects, please do take a photo or two and send into the blog and tell us about it.

Condolences were expressed regarding the sad loss of Derek’s wife, Una.

Have sent you pic as requested by Allison in GG video session today. Willow used from Afton marsh and arbour constructed by myself, Lin (the model) & Viv

Many thanks to Alison and Tony for this week's contributions.

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