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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Wed 4th Mar 2021 - GG Virtual Session # 036.

 If you logged in this Wednesday morning then this is who you would have seen....

The session this week started with a dog / cuddly toy show. It appears that our four legged friends like to get in on the act during Zoom sessions 😊. I wasn't quick enough with the screen shots to capture them, better luck next time. With the recently improved weather, the conversation turned to the arrival of spring which prompted Mark to show off his T shirt...

Two of our number are involved with the care and maintenance of Mornington Woods at Cowes (we have held GG sessions there) , we were all alarmed to hear that the council is proposing selling off the car parking area there (and others across the Island)..! I am sure there will be a public outcry about this and someone will be starting an online petition, I will post details here when received.
Mark wants everyone to know that the Green Gym specific mobile phone appears to have died so if you need to contact him then please use his personal number.
In light of a group of Island volunteers receiving £200 fines for Covid regulation infringements (subsequently the fines were dropped) it is important that any return to normal GG sessions is in line with the regulations. Mark is already looking at suitable venues for when it is possible to return to some sort of normality.
Things then turned a bit silly when it became apparent that certain GG members had mastered Zoom more than others. Not mentioning any names here but you might like to guess who I am talking about..!

The Solent came up next, a story about a dead dolphin / porpoise being washed up on Gurnard beach and the collapse of part of Hurst Castle. Perhaps GG could offer to help with the rebuild..??? 😀
The final conversation was about soil enhancers. Bob (the weather) had recently purloined some horse manure, the bags for which had split on lifting 😂. Apparently, using such natural resources can encourage weed growth as the horses eat the weeds and the seeds pass straight through. Mark thinks that Hovertravel might be doing their annual maintenance on the slipway and there might be seaweed up for grabs, great for the garden. I know from personal experience that old mushroom compost is NOT a good soil enhancer unless you want "fairy rings" everywhere in your garden.

Take care everyone and stay safe.