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Sunday, 14 March 2021

Wed 11th Mar 2021 - GG Virtual Session # 037.

 This weeks happy GGmers on Zoom were....

(many thanks to Alison for grabbing the screen shot)

Due to changes with my private commitments, I will not be able to attend the Wednesday morning GG Zoom sessions on a regular basis so the blog will become a bit hit and miss for the foreseeable future 😕.

I have invited those that do attend to make notes of the topics of conversation and perhaps the occasional screen shot (don't want anyone forgetting what we all look like..!) which I will publish as time allows.

This week Mark has sent in the following....

Conversation this week started with discussions on Kangaroos. Of course it did!  (click the link!)

Well, Eucalyptus was the topic and I actually came in at the end so missed most of it, but here is a bit from Wikipedia giving some of the idea, maybe it should have been Koalas Phil?
An essential oil extracted from eucalyptus leaves contains compounds that are powerful natural disinfectants and can be toxic in large quantities. Several marsupial herbivores, notably koalas and some possums, are relatively tolerant of it. The close correlation of these oils with other more potent toxins called formylated phloroglucinol compounds (euglobalsmacrocarpals and sideroxylonals)[33] allows koalas and other marsupial species to make food choices based on the smell of the leaves. For koalas, these compounds are the most important factor in leaf choice.

The weather was dire outside which made us all glad we were inside! Well you know.

Sorry it is a bit brief, I will have to pay more attention next time :-)

Last week I mentioned about the council's plans to sell off certain car parks, including Mornington Woods at Cowes. Please follow this link for a letter published in the County Press..

I am sure that a few GGmers will have something to say on this subject...!!!

During the few minutes I was able to log into the Zoom session this week the topic of conversation was about eels. Mark seemed to remember we had seen one when working at Osbourne House, way back when. This is what I found in the archives....

Wednesday, 22 November 2006

The Osborne House Water Babes...

As promised in the Osborne House are the photos of Green Gymers wearing sexy, full length rubber boots....!

Many thanks to Terry for sending in the pictures - he wins the prize for being the first to send in something for publication.


Perhaps we should be running a caption competition for these photos?
Take care, look after yourselves and hopefully normal (blog) service will be resumed as soon as possible.

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