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Thursday, 8 April 2021

Wed 7th April 2021 - GG Virtual Session # 041.

 The Zoomers this week were....

As you can see from the photo we were joined by a very special guest this week – no less than John Lennon himself!  Ever the competitor, Mark had taken part in an online quiz with his choir and the teams gained points if they ‘dressed up’.  Sadly he didn't sing for us - a few lines of 'Yellow Submarine' would have been popular…. Or perhaps 'Help!' might have been more appropriate.

We discussed the way the public are using the grounds of Quarr Abbey very much as a park would be used, with pigs being a popular attraction as well.  Tony’s garden is still being pestered by rabbits and more fence building has been undertaken.  

There was a brief discussion about the white tailed eagle project.  The link is here in case you didn’t see it in Mark’s zoom invite:

It is around this time of year that we normally hold our AGM.  Last year due to the pandemic it was deferred until June.  It was felt that it will almost certainly be held via Zoom again, but the date is yet to be decided.

Stay safe.

Many thanks to Alison (again!) for the editorial and photograph. Hopefully, Bob the Blog will be back at his post come next Wednesday morning 👍.

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