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Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Wed 21st April 2021 - GG Virtual Session # 043.

 Today, these were the happy, smiling faces...

It doesn't matter when I hit the screen shot capture button... it never seems to catch everyone at their best..! Oh well, I try 😊.  As there is no set agenda for our Wednesday morning Zoom sessions, the topics up for discussion can be both wide and "different". This week included the following...

It has been proposed that we might be able to have some sort of real GG session and still comply with the present Covid-19 regulations. Mark suggested that next Wednesday morning we meet in the area of the Shide Chalk Pit and break up into groups and walking in different directions. This will give us all some much needed exercise and can incorporate a litter pick as we go. Nothing was actually finalised but I imagine he will let us know if the arrangements can be sorted.

In light of my recent experience with renting a Beryl Scooter and the saga of the Newport / Cowes "cycle way" there was an update from my local councillor. This was the text I received...

 The difficulty with the Newport to Cowes cycle track (as well as other routes) in respect of its use within the trial, is the shortcomings of the supporting DfT legislation. As it is stands as the route is not currently adopted as a formal ‘Cycle Track’ which in turn prevents the Council from converting it to a Cycle Lane which can then be used legally by e-scooters through a TRO process. The ongoing stumbling block has been with the local police as they consider that e-scooter use of the route would be deemed an offence and that the Council could become liable for permitting use should an accident occur. My colleagues and I have been continually trying to resolve this issue with our legal department, though whilst this is not yet resolved we are having to restrict e-scooter use to the formal roads.”


It does seem that the council is on-side for the use of the e-scooters on the cycle tracks but as a public authority need to be cautious about not opening themselves to liability. Hopefully the efforts with their legal department will bear fruit.

It seems to me that the Council are blaming the police who are in turn pointing the finger at the Department of Transport and that what we all think of as "the cycle track" may NOT be so...confusing if nothing else. 😒 I will continue to try and get somewhere with this one but don't hold your breath.

The next topic of conversation was about gardening and in particular, the lack of rain. Apparently this month we have had less than 10% of the usual monthly total and Bob the Weather doesn't hold out much hope for downpours any time soon. I re-turfed my lawn are about a month ago thinking that April ALWAYS brings showers, how wrong could I be..? Dread to think what my Southern Water bill will be next time around.

Someone asked the question "how practical are those e-scooters to ride?" My reply was "not practical at all for day to day usage and the ride is VERY bumpy" see this video clip...😂

Mark showed us a very amusing clip with 3 guys on bikes transporting something like ducting about 30' long..sorry I didn't get the link but will try and get it from him.

Take care, stay safe and hopefully we might soon be seeing each other for REAL.


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