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Monday, 21 December 2009

Wed 30th Sept 2009 - Quarr Abbey.

A new site for the Green Gym this week, in the beautiful grounds of Quarr Abbey, which is also next week’s venue. An excellent turnout, as always, and some kind words from Ray Harrington-Vail from the Footprint Trust, about the number of hours Green Gym volunteers have contributed this year - 6,000!! which apparently puts us ahead of the National Trust. The major work to be done here is conservation of a very old wall (which goes back to at least the Dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII if not further), which is being damaged by ivy. A small section has been chosen where we had to clear the scrub away from the base of both sides of the wall, so it can be examined and a plan formulated for its preservation, as the ivy has to be removed very carefully to avoid further damage. We also removed some scrub from around a gate to improve access, and cut back overhanging trees and brambles from one of the long pathways.

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