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Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Wed 3rd Nov 2021 - The Community Orchard, Adgestone. GG # 859.

 Terry's Photographs.

A common frog.

Just some of the litter collection..!

Everything looking very neat and tidy.

I think that I can safely say that this particular venue is well up towards the top of the GG Top Ten list. We are usually here a couple of times each year and...over the many years we have attended there has been many changes and improvements. At this time of the year we have an end of season tidy up....raking up the cut grass, trimming back summer growth, any repair jobs that are needed along with the usual litter pick..! Why oh why can't people take their litter home with them..???😡.
It was a dry session but started cold due to the first real frost of the year. I didn't do a head count but there was an amazing variety of work done so I imagine that it was well attended.
Sorry, I didn't get any information about where we will be next week so please keep an eye on your email in tray.

Many thanks to Terry for the photographs.

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