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Friday, 19 November 2021

Wed 17th Nov 2021 - Appley Park, Ryde. GG # 861.

 Terry's Photographs.

We all love a new site and this week’s is one so familiar to many of us as it is a very popular Park indeed for a seaside stroll adjacent to the beautiful Appley Beach and Ryde Esplanade.
The weather has been so mild for November and again today is no different. Thankfully the leaves are almost all shed from the tree whips which have done well in their nursery bed over the summer. They are becoming dormant. So today is the day for them to be transplanted into their final positions as feature specimens. The Park is such a fabulous green space, and we hope that these trees will grow to maturity, look fabulous themselves and provide valuable habitat and amenity to the area. We had some positive feedback from those enjoying the Park while we worked.
The other very noticeable this about the session was the way in which the sward which hadn’t been cut this summer (partly because of the trees) has become a space for wildflowers to flourish! Great to see and shows how resilient nature can be. I guess throughout all those years of ‘Appley Pitch and Putt’ and the hard and frequent mowing regime on the greens, the seeds remained in the margins, the ‘rough’ if you like! What a result! This will influence the management going forward, and what a great thing it would be if the wildflowers were allowed to spread further.
We hope to be back!

Many thanks to Terry for the photographs and Mark for the editorial.

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