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Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Wed 24th Nov 2021 - One Horse Field, Totland. GG # 862.

Terry's Photographs. 

Meeting up in the car park.

Details of where we were working.

Let the 'Great British Rake-Off' begin..!

That other good game ' Bag and Drag'😀

Time for tea and a Mark Chat.

Then back to it.

Looking GOOD..!

The compost heap.

Nicely trimmed oak tree.

This is the weather that greeted me as I left home for the GG session this week....freezing fog!

De-iced the windows, got the heater warmed up and found where the rear fog light switch was before setting off to the wilds of Totland. It has been some time since we last visited One Horse Field but nothing much has changed over there, except may be in the car park where the brambles seem to have reclaimed all the areas we had cleared in the past. 😏. Our task was very simple, collect all the grass and bracken that had been cut earlier, bag it up and remove to various compost heaps around the perimeter. A rather overgrown oak tree was given a good pruning to lift the crown.
The weather did improve during the morning and once the sun had chased the mist away it became pleasantly warm.

There are a couple of prospective venues for next week so please keep an eye on your email in tray for further details.

Many thanks to Terry for his photographs.

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