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Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Wed 29th Aug 2020 - GG Virtual Session # 016.

Today's photo for the "Wall of Fame"....😊

The on-line meeting followed what seems to have become our regular agenda... with Mark giving us a quick update as to what future weeks might bring with regards to any outdoor sessions. Although he has been following up various leads, none of our established venues are suitable / available under the Covid-19 regulations as they stand at the moment. There is hope that things might return to some sort of normality come fingers crossed 👏.
With the "official business" cleared..the conversation opened up into more general topics which included the experiences various people had had with haircuts, shopping, eating out, etc .... it appears that there is a wide range of interpretation of the government's guidelines but everyone felt safe. There was quite a long discussion about walks around St George's Down which led on to the origins of some of the more unusual place names here on the Island. As a side issue (we tend to drift off the main topic of conversation..!) the date of the big flood in Newport was a little earlier than we thought...1960. This CP article has some amazing photos taken at the time, click this link to view... Newport 1960 flooding. Mark's father could remember the day of the flood when, one of the ponds up on St George's Down, broke its banks and poured down the hillside flooding the garage at Blackwater....must have been quite a downpour..!

It's looking as though our next Wednesday's session will be another Zoom meeting but I am sure Mark will send out an e-mail if things change.

Stay safe everyone.

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