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Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Wed 15th July 2020 - GG Virtual Session # 015.

Another happy group shot of GG Zoomers....😊.

After the excitement of having a "real" GG session last week, this time around we had to resort to the magic of modern technology for our Wednesday morning session. Mark confused us all by initially appearing as a diminutive "Lego Man" standing next to what appeared to be the bottom of a table leg... this actually turned out to be a full sized Mark standing at the foot of The Angel of the North statue...! With that resolved then the meeting opened out into general discussion encompassing a wide range of topics. 
Now the lockdown on hairdressers and barbers has been lifted, a few of us are certainly looking a little tidier 😆. For those readers who are avidly following the ongoing saga about Bob's garden, the latest news is that the beans have black fly and the cucumbers have white fly. We were informed that one fly paper alone had attracted in excess of 1500 pesky flies..! I have to ask, who would bother to take the time to count them all and should The Archers be concerned about being knocked off the top spot horticultural excitement..????
There was some chat about the access to sea caves either side of Freshwater Bay and the likelihood of discovering long lost treasure .... and Phil's mystery plant was identified (by Viv) as Sea Lavender. 
Unfortunately, I had to drop out early so if anyone else can remember any riveting conversation from  the end of the session then please forward it for inclusion.

Although the Zoom sessions are a poor substitute for "getting out there and doing some REAL work", it is nice to see a few smiling faces and check up that everyone is doing ok in these "unusual" times.

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