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Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Wed 1st July 2020 - GG Virtual Session # 014.

This week's happy band of GG Zoomers....

Because it is proving a little problematical to find "real" GG venues that it would be suitable under the present Covid-19 regulations, once again we find ourselves logged into Zoom on Wednesday morning. Nice to see everyone and have a chat but not quite the same as 3 hours hard graft out in the countryside...! This weekI joined the session a little late to find everyone in deep discussion about various types of Cabbage White butterflies and their associated caterpillars, amazing what gets discussed 😀. Mark had set out an e-mail to some of the members who had either dropped out or moved away to the mainland, inviting them to join us on line. Several had replied but...for various reasons were unable to come online this week - we look forward to "seeing them" sometime in the future. The conversation then moved to what might be considered safe and legal for us to do for future GG sessions...and there might be the chance of us doing some Pesky Plant Pulling sometime soon.... if (and it is a BIG if) it is deemed to be safe for all concerned. As they say...."watch this space"..!!! It was mentioned  that the stream south of the Donkey Sanctuary is pretty clear of HB this year so perhaps all our efforts in the past have been rewarded..?

Terry's Photographs.

"Thought people might like to see a couple of the new information boards that have gone up around Golden Hill Park. There are quite a few and we think they’re very impressive, though there seem to be mixed opinions about them in West Wight! Gift to Nature have also opened up the views towards Totland, Yarmouth and All Saints’ Church."

"I found this on the bottom path to Tennyson Downs Freshwater and thought other GG members might be interested.
It was big - about 6 inches long! I have been told it is a Golden Ringed Dragonfly." 

And...from me.......

A bit short on photographs this week but, if any of you are tempted to try Covid induced DIY haircuts, then be aware of what you might see when you look down..... Arrrgghhh....!!!!! Oh well, never will (might?) grow back in a few weeks...😧

Many thanks to Terry for his contribution.

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