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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Wed 6th Feb 2019 - Morton Marsh, Sandown. GG # 771.

Terry's Photographs.

Lopers and bow saws being handed out to all.

Once across that bridge, there is no going back...!

Try and memorise what this tree looks like...


The very welcome break for tea..

Mark, explaining the finer points of something..!

Remember that photo of that tree (above)...
This is what it looked like after coppicing.

Eventually, the bonfire really got started.

This week it was back to a venue that we seem to be visiting with increasing frequency... Morton Marsh. In spite of the recent snow and rain, the water table hadn't risen significantly so it was wellington boots rather than waders(thank goodness!). The task was easily defined as "coppice that willow" - it can't get much simpler than that, can it? Anyone who has a willow tree in their garden will know just how prolific it can become in a VERY short time, all it needs is damp soil and away it grows. We were instructed to only thin certain areas this time around as this work is on a rotation ensuring that there is still plenty of cover left for the local wildlife. Once again, the photographs shows the scope of the work that was achieved in those few, short, hours - certainly some of the larger willow areas were reduced in size...considerably...!
Although the forecasted weather was for rain, it held off for the duration of the session and, once again, we were back to the unseasonably warm weather that seems to be predominant this winter.

Many thanks to Terry for taking this week's photographs.

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