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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Wed 20th Feb 2019. Afton Marsh LNR (North). GG # 773.

Terry's Photographs.

Lots of standing willow to "process".

He must be an Aquarian...."the water carrier"..!

The fire gets underway.

Plenty of material to feed that fire with.


So many people, all hard at work.

Looking clearer already.

Yes, you've guessed it..tea break.

Getting seriously muddy by now.

Wow, did we clear ALL that..?

Mark's Photographs.

Looking at Mark's notes, it has been FOUR years since we visited Afton Marsh...seems like only a few months ago! Obviously the ground here is very boggy which means that willow adores it - vast amounts of it springs up everywhere. The instructions were simple..."Cut it down" which is music to the ears of a GGmer, so we were soon all busy hacking away. Those with the hardest job were the ones who were transporting the cut material to the fire... as the ground is difficult to traverse. Not unusual for you to move forward but a boot to stay fixed firmly in the swampy mud 😏 Once again, the weather was very kind to us, pleasantly warm with long sunny periods - perfect. The light trimmings were disposed of on the fire with the thicker trunks piled up to make habitats for the wildlife. Perhaps we will get back here again, before another 4 years pass us by..?

Many thanks to Terry & Mark for the photographs.

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