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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Very sad news regarding Carole Walker.

Hello Everyone,

It is with great sadness that I need to tell you that our Carole passed away at 3.00 pm this afternoon (24th Jan). 
Carole had recently suffered a major stroke and was immediately taken to Southampton General where she had remained, I believe, in an unconscious state until today when she slipped away. I have extended this email to many people who knew her but who may not have known of her recent stroke, so I do apologise if this has come as a shock.

I know I'm not just speaking for myself when I say that Carole will be greatly missed by everyone who knew or worked with her. Carole's energy and compassion for her community, the environment, young people and old, the Church and many other causes meant that she knew a great number of people. She was a wonderful kind person and has had, since her retirement from being a Head teacher, so many roles in so many of the Island's voluntary organisations.

I have attached here a few photos of some memories I have of Carole, of the fun we had, and of her great help to IWGG as a former committee member of our group.

Kind regards

Hi Everyone,
I'm forwarding on to you all an email from Neil, thanking us for our thoughts and wishes and with a date for a Celebration of Life service on the 2nd March. Please see below...
There is also attached 2 more lovely photos which Sue has found which catch Carole's sense of fun brilliantly.

best wishes

Dear Mark

Thank you for your very kind e-mail and wonderful photo attachments. Green Gym played a major part in Carole's life; please thank them for all their thoughts and wishes; she so enjoyed the outdoors, the conservation and the team. You were a very dear friend of hers and held in very high regard, as one of her family.
I am more than happy for you to post something in memory of Carole on your blog site.
There is to be a Celebration of Life service at Christ Church, Totland Bay at 2pm on Saturday 2nd March to which everyone will be welcome.

Best regards

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