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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Wed 29th Nov 2017 - Bouldnor Forest, Yarmouth. GG # 713.

Terry's Photographs.

All the "runners" at the starting gate.

Clearing an area for the fire.

At last...we start to get warmer.

It is a long time since the coastal path came this way!

Cutting everything down to a manageable size. 

Above and below...a REAL fire.

What a difference.

In this blog, over the last few weeks, I have referred to the weather as being un-seasonably mild - not so this week..! The car thermometer was reading 2.5C as I pulled into the car park...brrrrr. We were to continue the cut and burn work we started a couple of weeks ago here but this time it was trees and shrubs rather than gorse. After a bit of a trek along the costal path we were shown an overgrown area and given the instruction "Take it down" - music to a GGmers ears! As this whole area is prone to costal erosion and is basically yellow clay underfoot, everyone had to be very aware of their footholds as the land dropped away steeply. As shown in the photographs above, we soon had a roaring fire underway which helped to keep the cold northerly wind from chilling us too much. Considering the temperature and difficult work site, we managed to achieve an extraordinary amount in one morning.

Many thanks to Terry for taking the photographs and we hope Mark is feeling better soon.

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