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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Wed 15th Nov 2017 - Bouldnor Forest, Yarmouth. GG # 711.

Terry's Photographs.

The usual pre-session brief.

HI HO - it's off to work we go...

A "wall" of gorse to eradicate!

Gorse mountain.

Gorse burns VERY well.

One wall of gorse - cleared.

A kestrel keeping an eye on our antics.

The weather forecast for Wednesday morning gave a cloudy but warm day so, we were pleasantly surprised when the clouds parted and the sun shone through. As with our previous visits to this site, we were asked to help with the removal of large thickets of gorse that have grown up here over the years. The particular area that we were working on this session had the added "delights" of having huge brambles growing up through - wonderful...! As the photographs above illustrate beautifully, it did not take Team GG long to start cutting their way though what can best be described as a solid wall of gorse and bramble. The cut gorse soon had the bonfire roaring away and by the end of the session the particular area we were tasked to work on was cleared away. The arrival of the sun plus the beautiful views across the western solent made for a very enjoyable session.

Many Thanks to Terry for being our photographer this week.

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