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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Wed 30th Nov 2016 - One Horse Field, Totland. GG # 663.

Sue's Photographs.

A very frosty start.

Raking gets underway.

Baby adder - see notes below.

Drag a bag game…. off to the compost heap.

A good few at the session considering the cold start.

Just look at that wonderful raking action…!

One of the areas we cleared.

All ready for collection by the bag man / woman.

Did we collect all that..????

You know that it is going to be a cold GG session when you have to de-ice the car before leaving home. The relatively mild autumn we have had so far has suddenly taken a turn for the worst with a cold snap. Never mind, as cold as it was (-5C overnight in Newport) Team GG were soon raking away under a beautiful blue sky. Such was the enthusiasm, that after only half an hour, some people were seen to be removing scarves and hats as they were starting to overheat..! The task was a continuation of the work carried out here just a couple of weeks ago, namely raking up the previous cut grass to deny the soil the nutrients as it rots down. It is very important to look where you are raking just in case you come across any wildlife, such as the baby adder photographed above. This one was carefully re-homed away from the footpaths and the areas we were working in. Quite a good attendance considering the weather.

Many thanks to Sue for taking the photographs this week.

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