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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Wed 23 Nov 2016 - Bouldnor Forest, Yarmouth. GG # 662.

Sue's Photographs.

Enroute from the car park to the work site.

Details of where we were working.

A rather grey day..

Starting the giant hair-cut..!

Now that's a real bonfire…!

What a busy bunch.

Stunning views from up there.

Cough… splutter…. cough..!

Did we clear all that..???

It was back in February, this year, that we last worked at this venue. The job was much the same as before, to chop down the vast areas of gorse and bramble, drag it to the fire and let it burn. This time we were working with some of the volunteers who look after this area - they did an amazing job at starting and feeding the fire. The reason we were tasked to cut all this back was to try and give the small patches of heather a chance to grow. The weather was much better than it had been over the previous few days when storm Angus had made thing pretty wet and VERY windy across the whole of the UK. 
Surprisingly good progress was made (see above photographs) and everyone had a good work-out.

Many thanks to Sue for the photographs this week.

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