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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Wed 16th Nov 2016 - Merstone Station, Merstone. GG # 661.

Terry's Photographs.

Guess where we worked this week…????

Nice hat - GG ones available - ON SALE - for £4.!!

Get raking. (And just look at that sky!!)

Forking out.

It pays to advertise...

Meanwhile, down on the compost heap.

What a poser…lol.

Just some of the clippings.

The "big boys" barrow.

Ahhhh - Christmas is almost here.

What a massive improvement…!

Our recent run on "raking jobs" continued with this week's session working on, and around, the old platform area of Merstone station. Before we arrived, Nick the Ranger had made a great job at chopping down all the summer growth so it was a simple enough job for us….. just rake it all up! There really isn't a whole lot more that I can write about that except to say that everyone worked very hard and by the time we left the site was almost cleared. The weather was truly remarkable - wonderful sunshine and the temperature well into the high teens - amazing for mid November!
For those of you who might be getting a little tired of all this raking, Mark has promised that he has something different planned for us next week.

Thanks for taking the excellent photographs this week Terry.

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