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Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Wed 3rd June 2020 - GG Virtual Session # 011 (AGM included)

Due to time restrictions on Zoom and  attempting to hold the AGM, this week was split into two sessions.

This is those attending session number 1....

After some frantic emails from Mark, 12 of the original 13 managed to make it back for the AGM Part 2....😀

Various reports and spread sheets had been circulated via email prior to the meeting but, for those who were unable to log on, I will try to give a (VERY) simple summery of items discussed. 

The meeting started around 10:15 with the previous minutes accepted. There was comment about an item that had appeared under AOB, about membership, and it was decided that although present membership is healthy (Total around the low 30's with the average attending sessions about low to mid 20's) that the existing membership leaflets will be distributed more widely when things get back to normal.
The Treasurer's Report showed a positive bank balance (including several generous donations). Obviously the present restrictions had limited the income somewhat but the overheads had also decreased.

 At this point the meeting timed out...!

The meeting resumed at around 10:45 with the Chairman's Report. Prior to lockdown we had had a very successful year with several new venues added. Mark paid tribute to all the hard work from group members along with the committee & helpers. 

The committee officers stated their willingness to continue in their present roles.

The meeting closed with "Any other business" which was dominated by discussion about when things might get back to some sort of normality. The general feeling was that the present relaxation of the regulations wouldn't allow us to run a normal GG session but Mark was keeping the situation under constant review and was hoping to start pencilling in prospective worksites soon. Obviously any return is all dictated by government policy and the health risk to both GGmers and their families.

The meeting finally closed at around 11:25 - well done to all those who managed to attend. Should anyone require more detail on any of the points raised at the AGM then I invite them to contact Mark.

Trying to hold a structured meeting using video conferencing can be, to say the least, challenging...! What with Viv's workmen rebuilding her house around her, Phil going into Dalek mode, plus people disappearing to take phone calls or make coffee it was amazing we managed to get anything done at all 😊.

A photo from Gill....

She commented..." I have attached a picture of our extremely noisy fledgling, how one small ball of fluff can make so much noise I do not know but you can always tell when he/she is about!".

As we are a bit short on photos this week, I will add a couple of my own...

Ever wondered what Shide Chalk Pit looks like from 400 feet in the air?
The bit that is usually very boggy when we are working there (towards
the bottom right of photo) is as dry as a dry can be..!!!

From the same position...a view of Newport with Asda in the foreground.

Bembridge ledge at low tide. Where's my shrimping net..? 😊

Thanks to Gill for her contribution this week.

Be careful and don't forget....STAY ALERT...!!!

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