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Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Wed 10th June 2020 - GG Virtual Session # 012.

Once again...around about a dozen of us made it along for the Wednesday morning meet.

There was a lot of "general conversation" (gossip 😊) plus a few discussions about GG related topics...a brief resume of which is transcribed below....

Several GGmers remarked about how many PPE masks and gloves were being discarded inappropriately out in the countryside. We will have to take care on future litter picks..!
Mark has started to get inquiries about possible future sessions (real ones!) - watch this space.
Several GGmers have received what appears to be bogus e-mails from both GG and WW..if you get messages that start with "NEWS" and then a reference to GG or WW then we suggest that you delete them immediately.
Quite a long discussion about our present insurance for public, personal and accidental coverage. Martin and Viv are looking into it and will let Mark know their findings. Be assured...we DO have up to date, adequate, cover...!

And, for all you gardeners...Bob the Weather predicts that it is GOING TO RAIN......Yay...!

Geoff sent in the following....

Hello Bob.
Haven't snapped much recently so I thought I would share my magnificent monkey puzzle. I bought it 10 years ago at Forest View as a tiny starter plant. It was very slow for years but now growing (and looking) like a rocket.

Terry wonders if any of you could help him identify this.....

Apparently it grows similar to the dreaded Himalayan Balsam...any suggestions..??

UPDATE. Mark has very kindly identified it as Figwort (scrophularia nodosa) - so nothing to do with the dreaded HB 

Last Saturday I took a walk along the cliff tops at Compton...snapped this photo of stormy seas.

For those of you who haven't ventured into Newport recently...this is what the High Street looks like at 11am on a Monday morning....deserted...!

Talking of Newport...please be aware that Forest Road is now closed to traffic heading OUT to West have to divert via Carisbrooke. East bound traffic is unaffected.

Whilst walking Gizmo yesterday...a car pulled up alongside me at the Road Closed sign...the window winds down and the guy shouts "How the hell do I get to Yarmouth now?" He seemed puzzled by my reply of "via Specsavers"...but then I added "so that in the future you might actually SEE the SIX diversion signs that you have just driven by...!" Better that I don't publish his reply to that one....😏.

Thanks to Geoff and Terry for their contributions this week.

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