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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Wed 4th Dec 2019 - Shide Quarry, Newport. GG # 813.

Bob's Photographs.

A rather frosty arrival.

With no wind..the smoke lingered.

Now...that's what you call a FIRE...!

Merlin guarding the supplies.

Enjoying tea and mince pies.

Traditionally, Green Gym's last session of each year was held at Shide Chalk Quarry. This year things have turned out a little differently but we still managed to fit in a work session there before next week's final one. We have worked here countless times in the past, playing our part to try and clear the undergrowth and brush that springs up every year. Our arrival was greeted by a hard ground frost which had covered the grass in white, giving it a very festive look. The first priority was to get a fire going on the site of a previous one but it was so calm that the smoke just drifted around in layers (see photos above). It took a while to establish a good fire but, once it got going, we soon managed to burn up the backlog of cut brush that everyone was working so hard to clear. Come tea break, a cup of hot drink and a mince pie was exactly what was needed. This was a very well attended session and a terrific amount of work was achieved in just a few hours.

Next week will be the final session of 2019 - to be held at Munsley Bog, Godshill.  Please remember that the Christmas Dinner will be held at The Griffin, Godshill after all the work is done...!

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