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Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Wed 27th Nov 2019 - Bouldnor Forest, Yarmouth. GG # 812.

Mark's Photographs.

Nice view - even a little bit of blue sky..!

Our last session for November 2019...and it turned out to be a WET on...! There was some light rain around before tea break but afterwards, the heavens opened and it bucketed down. It there was a positive side to, it was still unseasonably warm...😏. It was a bit of a hike from the car park to the work area but, once there, we continued with the task we have done here many times before....cutting back undergrowth and gorse to allow the land to revert to meadow. This time we were cutting into established, older, gorse - some of which had trunks the size of small trees - definitely a job for a sharp bow saw! All the cut material was dragged to collection points ready for burning. Considering the awful weather conditions, good progress was made at clearing the designated area so a big WELL DONE to those who attended (I hope your clothing dries out by next Wednesday!)

Many thanks to Mark for the photographs this week.

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