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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Wed 28th Nov 2018 - All Saints' Church, Freshwater. GG # 763.

Terry's Photographs.

"Mission control central" (AKA...the tool shed!)

Yes, there were a LOT of leaves...

...that needed bagging up before being dragged...

...back to the bonfire.

Working on the footpath that runs adjacent.

Coppicing some of the many yew trees.

"See.. I told you...there was a pathway under all those leaves..!"

Clouded Agaric fungi 
(Wikipedia advise that it is supposedly edible but 'generally considered better to be avoided'!).

It is a good job that Team GG members pay little attention to weather predictions... with heavy rain and severe gales forecasted for Wednesday, they could have all been expected to stayed at home...! Not our intrepid team, they all turned out to give All Saints' churchyard a winter makeover. As can been see from the photographs above, the jobs were both numerous and far reaching and certainly kept everyone busy. Come tea break it was nice to get in, under cover, enjoying the excellent hot drinks and home made cakes. (Hope our wet clothing didn't drip too much on the church floor!) Then it was back out into the inclement weather to get the job finished. Going by the "after" photos above, everyone should be proud of their achievements, performed in less than ideal conditions.

A message from Carole (originally sent to Mark!).

Hi Mark Peter and Vida, Jill (churchwarden) texted me last night to thank everyone at GG again and please add my grateful thanks to that. It was a tremendous session, an amazing bonfire, and fabulous cakes. So kind of everyone to give their time up for the churchyard. With love, Carole  

Many thanks to Terry for the photographs and to the "church ladies" for the excellent cake and refreshments..!

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